Used Vehicle Advantages at Classic Ford of Madison Near Painesville, OH

For some, the mere consideration of purchasing a new vehicle is wrought with complications. These challenges could run from budgetary constraints to meeting future financial goals. As well, the inevitable depreciation when a new vehicle hits Ashtabula pavement may also prompt some reservation. That's when a new tact towards vehicle acquisition is desired.

At Classic Ford of Madison, Perry and Chardon clientele familiar with new-vehicle apprehension are afforded a bevy of quality, pre-owned Ford vehicles. And, with clients trading or selling outright their various brands, there's more of a used selection to choose from. Though, with the Built Ford Tough® standard predicating all Ford vehicles, any other brand may pale in comparison.

How World Events Slow New-Vehicle Production

Given the interconnectedness of the world, what happens continents away may trigger issues here in Madison. Anything from a semiconductor chip shortage to cyber-attacks on production facilities could drastically reduce new-vehicle production.

As it stands, new-vehicle production has been limited across all brands. This means used vehicle sales are almost singularly driving the health of the auto industry. And with this, there's unrivaled choice in a used vehicle at Classic Ford of Madison.

At Classic Ford of Madison, we understood the minute consequences of a world economy and have prepared accordingly. Here, we host a large inventory of used Ford trucks, SUVs, sedans, vans and coupes. Other brands, too, make choosing a used vehicle rather fun.

Why is Buying Used Better than a New Vehicle?

Believe it or not, used vehicles offer benefits not found with a new-vehicle purchase. Here are just a few examples of pre-owned vehicle advantages:

  • Clients with past credit-history issues might see a lending institution more willing to finance a pre-owned vehicle.
  • Vehicle depreciation hits a new vehicle hard as soon as it's driven off the dealership lot.
  • Purchasing a used vehicle will see a lower monthly payment.
  • Caring for your used vehicle will enhance value down-the-road.
  • With pre-owned Ford vehicles, Ford Blue Advantage parameters must be met to attain Certified Pre-Owned status.

What is Ford Blue Advantage at Classic Ford of Madison?

Most automakers have their processes toward conferring Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) status. Though some of these regimes may not meet the same extensive, all-encompassing metrics of Ford Blue Advantage. At Classic Ford of Madison, when your used Ford desire has been stamped with Gold or Blue certification under Ford Blue Advantage parameters, you're afforded the following:

Gold Certified

  • Ford models up to six years old and less than 80,000-miles qualify.
  • An extensive 172-point inspection must be met in-full.
  • Comprehensive Limited Warranty covers 12-months or 12,000-miles.
  • Powertrain Limited Warranty lasts for seven-years or 100,000-miles.
  • Roadside assistance is provided all year, all week, all day.
  • FordPass® Rewards Points accumulated upon vehicle purchase may be used toward your first, two maintenance visits.

Blue Certified

  • Ford models up to 10-years old with less than 120,000-miles are considered.
  • A 139-point inspection is carried out, and must be passed in-total.
  • Comprehensive Limited Warranty features coverage of 90-days or 4,000-miles.
  • Roadside assistance is extended, but with a nominal fee for certain services provided.
  • And, FordPass® Rewards Points may be used for your first maintenance visit.

In all, Classic Ford of Madison is eager to extend these comprehensive benefits once you choose a Ford Blue Advantage vehicle from an inventory deep in Ford models.

Classic Ford of Madison - Where Quality Used Vehicles Await You

With every used vehicle or Ford Blue Advantage certified model sold, you have a whole, neighborly dealership backing your purchase. With service specials and maintenance incentives advertised daily, there's more to a used vehicle purchase at Classic Ford of Madison.

So, visit our local Madison dealership today for more information.